France uncovers radicalization network that led to murder of teacher

The issue goes to the heart of the Republic and France’s attempt to maintain its traditions of freedom and secularism against a rising tide of religious extremist hate linked to Islamist intolerance.

French teacher’s murder: Jewish groups urge rally against Islamic terror

CRIF, the umbrella organization of French Jewish communities, called on its followers to show up for the rally in Paris’ Republique Square, citing the “escalating nature of Islamist attacks.”

French teacher's murder brings media terminology into spotlight - analysis

The murder has led to controversy online about how the killing was covered, particularly with the wording used in headlines that appeared to focus attention on the murderer rather than the victim.

A militia group from Ohio protests against the state's extended stay-at-home order to help slow the
Fourteenth suspect arrested in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor

Higgins is the eighth man charged by Michigan authorities in the case, all of them described by prosecutors as members or associates of an anti-government militia group called the Wolverine Watchmen.

Hundreds associated with antisemitic movement attempt to storm Reichstag

Several hundred were arrested in incidents at both the Reichstag building and the nearby Brandenburg Gate, where protesters reportedly threw stones and bottles

Expert breaks down 'militias' involved in Kenosha, Portland shootings

The notion of a teenager crossing state lines with a semiautomatic rifle in hand to uphold public order shocked many Americans, but to some experts, it was the latest sign in a disturbing trend.

Neo-Nazi concert, Germany, July 2017
Extremism on the rise in Germany, increasing threat of antisemitism

A German government office identified 32,080 right-wing extremists and 33,500 left-wing extremists in Germany in 2019.

German Neo-nazi
Neo-Nazi, far-right groups encourage followers to infect Jews and Muslims

The reports refer to different extremist groups in the UK, including far-right, far-left and Islamist extremists, all exploiting the public health crisis to promote hatred towards others.

Gerrer leaders recommend families sever ties with those in splinter group

Internal documents show depth to which mainstream Ger leadership seeking to ostracize new faction, deter others from joining.

A man wearing a Swastika [Illustrative]
New UK report exposes massive online network of far-right antisemitism

The report, titled 'Hate Fuel: the hidden online world fuelling far right terror,' focused on four relatively unregulated social media platforms: BitChute, Gab, 4chan and Telegram.

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