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Billionaire investor George Soros speaks to the audience at the Schumpeter Award in Vienna, Austria

Bulgaria's Jews slam deputy PM for George Soros conspiracy comment

The backlash against these comments come on the 32nd day of the ongoing protests in Bulgaria, calling on the government to step down.

Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany

High-level US official slams Iran's Khamenei for execution of gays

“Do you wear a mask when you push gays off buildings?,” wrote Richard Grenell.

Tel Aviv Port honoring the Gay Pride month

54% of religious Jews support gay marriage, partnership

The survey was conducted over the phone, with 500 Israelis being questioned to represent the Israeli public with an error margin of 4.5%±.

 Hundreds of members of LGBT community protest surrogacy law in Tel Aviv

Jewish Agency to help gay employees with surrogacy costs

The Jewish Agency will become the first state body to help gay couples with surrogacy costs in light of ongoing ineligibility of gay couples for surrogacy in Israel.

Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade

Jewish same-sex couple win lawsuit, twins recognized as U.S. citizens

The couple, an American and an Israeli, were forced to undergo DNA tests that proved that one twin was the son of the American while the other was the son of the Israeli.

Gay marriage

NYC synagogue stops LGBT wedding announcements following complaint

The synagogue’s clergy do not officiate at same-sex weddings, but the synagogue began including same-sex marriages in its announcements earlier this year.

National Organization fo Women protest in New York, calling for prosecution of Harvey Weinstein

Candidly speaking: Recent sexual controversies and upheavals

The shock waves triggered by the Harvey Weinstein scandal may well spur reform and create a healthier society.

An activist waves an LGBT flag near Israel's Knesset building

High Court: Ad can promote Arab and LGBT rights, but not gay marriage

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitioned the court in February.

Shas MK Yigal Guetta

Shas MK resigns amid flack over his attendance at wedding of gay nephew

Lapid: “It’s sad that in Israel in 2017 an MK is forced to resign because he participated in the wedding of two people who love each other.”

An activist waves an LGBT flag near Israel's Knesset building

Israeli lawmaker ready to rebel over same-sex adoption flap

“It’s 2017. Move forward,” argues Likud MK Amir Ohana.

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