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US Holocaust Memorial, Iranian website launch Holocaust education project

The project, named after Abdol Hossein Sardari, an Iranian diplomat based in Paris who saved many Iranian and non-Iranian Jews in occupied France.

Baghdad Jewish cemetery where Sass Peress' paternal grandfather is buried.

Jews from Arab countries, Iran are in need of support

The Kaddish Initiative takes root


US condemns Islamic Republic for execution of Iranian Jew in 1980

40 years ago Iran's regime murdered Jewish community leader Albert Danielpour on bogus charges.

Iran's chief rabbi says Zionists 'do not represent Judaism'

Leaders in the community have long been stressing the difference between Judaism and Zionism in order to distance themselves from Israel and prevent Iranian Jews from being considered pariahs.

Iranian Jews pray at the Abrishami synagogue in Tehran, December 24, 2015

New US State Dept report blasts Iran’s Rouhani for antisemitism

Holocaust denial and repression of Iranian Jews remains a ‘pervasive’ problem.

Hard-line Iranian students threaten to destroy Jewish sites

A hard-line student group in Iran has threatened to destroy the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in the north of the country in revenge for the Trump administration’s peace plan.


Iran Jewish MP calls US assassination of Soleimani 'a criminal act'

'Members of the Jewish community, like the rest of the Iranian society, are present and will stand for the ideals of the revolution.'

Nessah Synagogue, Beverly Hills, was vandalized on December 14, 2019.

'Our worst nightmare': Vandalism at Persian synagogue stuns congregation

The vandalism stunned congregants who said they never thought the antisemitic graffiti and intolerance they saw happening at other temples and schools would reach their doorstep.


Israel ambassador calls on UN to recognize Jewish refugees

Ambassador Danny Danon introduced the resolution at a General Assembly discussion marking 72 years since the November 29 Partition Plan.

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