How I achieve my New Year's Resolutions

 What does it mean to make it in society today? I am beginning to wonder why, or what when I see people promoting hate and violence on a regular schedule to receive personal acclaim. I don’t see fame as important unless it is part of a good accomplishment. I like accomplishments which is why I set goals often such as New Year’s Resolutions.

This year I intend on entering into power-walking as my long term goal which can help me achieve other goals. At one time power-walking or fast walking looked like a hobby to me.  I like the look of power-walking for a man my age with an interest in better living.

I enjoy salads everyday now with some protein in them to make them healthy for my diet. A little egg or chicken in a salad can really give you a shot in the arm when it used to be coffee and cigarettes which was before a couple of successful past New Year’s Resolutions. Writer’s nowadays can lead healthy lifestyles unlike some past images which never held.

My cooking class gave me some food skills which I incorporate daily into positive thinking. Meditation doesn’t need to be Swami Stuff or need to turn you into a guru. Exercise doesn’t necessarily make you Arnold as you achieve personal goals. Work or volunteer activities can round you out as a human on this planet.

Beginning from here means a starting point for something which can be progressive regressive or stagnant. “Choices” is a book title someone else wrote which I haven’t read yet but someday maybe. Narrow-mindedness should be referred to as focus when positive rather than when you are a person that doesn’t belong without changing first.

So this year I intend on Power-walking into a better frame of mind week to week with my meditations following me throughout the day. I will perform strength exercises possibly without weights on my back. I won’t compete with others just as I am enough of a challenge because one other New Year’s Resolution is to reduce stubbornness.

My blogging is undergoing more revisions as I research how to recognize successful blog posts by reading other bloggers on here. Blogging tips are something I read fairly often in books online journals and wherever else they appear. For me content is something to be recognized as I grow in the direction I lead myself in.

My New Year’s Resolutions for blogging are listed above but my real trick with all that is to keep some secret especially the ones I haven’t revealed to myself yet. They will appear throughout the year and add to my list of goals which may come about this year.

Moving faster with goals has come about as I move from decade to decade with no fear of time running out because I have faith. You can have faith too in yourself God or some other good system which won’t fail you unless you decide it will.