There will be no peace for those that do not believe in Jesus. 
Because peace comes from Jesus - it is a gift given to those who believe ( a kind of security) to them. 
Only Jesus gives us peace, and peace is not found on the outside, in the streets, cities, country, desert, ocean.
Peace is only inserted on the inside of believers in Jesus and it extends to the outside of their lives. 
Peace can never be found on the outside in the streets, cities, countries, deserts, oceans unless all people believe in Jesus and have peace on the inside.
Anyone who says they are peaceful and says they have peace and does not believe in Jesus - is lying like their father satan.
If there is one person on Earth - just one - who does not believe in Jesus - just one - with no peace on the inside, a war can happen.  
Peace cannot be made between tow brothers who do not believe in Jesus - that is an impossibility - for more than 3.5 years. 
That's why when Jesus returns - there will be peace.
Mankind cannot make a peace deal - between two brothers who do not believe in Jesus - that is an impossibility 
that is a big lie told by satan
Because you believe the lie  - that is an abomination to the Lord who is the only one who gives peace - you shall be blinded to the truth. 
Do not destroy or divide GOD"S LAND Israel,
it is a trick, the biggest lie in the world.