26% of mobile subscribers mull switching carrier

A survey by Rotem TRI Strategic Market Research for Globes last week found that, as of the end of May, 9 percent of mobile phone subscribers had switched carriers, 55% had stayed with their carrier, and 26% were considering switching, but had not yet done so.
"The findings indicate that a substantial proportion of subscribers have already switched," says Rotem TRI managing partner Dr. Arie Rotem, "but the big bang of switching is still ahead of us."
The mobile carriers will try to keep as many subscribers as possible by offering better service plans.
Unsurprisingly, price is the paramount issue. 91% of subscribers say that this is the decisive factor in their decision. If a current carrier slashes prices and makes a better offer, there is a strong chance that the subscriber will stay.
"17% of subscribers cited improved service as a factor for staying with the carrier, and 5% said unequivocally that nothing will keep them with the carrier."