Aharonovitch: Ex-Nahariya cops given guns for protection

The four former Nahariya police officers who served time in prison for targeting an organized crime boss with explosives in 2006 were given personal firearms in order to enable them to protect themselves, Public Security Minister Itzhak Aharonovitch told Army Radio on Monday.
"As former police officers, I need to give them the chance to defend themselves," Aharonovitch said in the interview. "As persons who served in the police and who are being threatened, I do not see a problem in allowing them to carry a weapon."
Aharonovitch said that he is currently working to integrate the former policemen into positions at the Fire and Rescue Service.
"We will work to integrate the officers into the firefighting service," he told Army Radio.
The officers were also given personal bodyguards, following the attempted assassination of one of them in Nahariya last Saturday.