National Insurance Institute offers compensation after witholding pension from olah

Following a meeting of the Immigration Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee, the National Insurance Institute (NII) announced that it would stop offsetting the income of immigrants whose pensions ran out, and that it would even take steps in order to make sure that even those who didn't file complaints would get the compensation they deserve. 

The Immigration Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee met last Tuesday to discuss the issue of pension payments for eligible Russian immigrants. Following the discussion, committee chairman MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beiteinu) submitted a letter to the NII on behalf of a particular Russian olah who claimed that the NII continues to reduce her income supplements based on the pension she receives from Russia, despite her not having received any sort of pension payments from Russia since April 2022. 

The NII admitted to its mistake in the case of that olah, and stated that it intends to re-evaluate other Russian immigrants' cases to ensure they are getting the proper payments. 

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