Barak: Freedom is given only to those willing to defend it

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday told bereaved families "We know that words cannot comfort you, we feel that every day for you on the calendar is a day of memory, of longing and pain that cannot be measured."
Speaking at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Kriyat Shaul, Barak told the families that "the whole nation surrounds you with love and is greatly indebted to you, families who lose their most loved ones."
"On this day, we face a ruptured heart, but we raise our heads toward the necessary price of freedom. This freedom is given only those who are willing to defend it. We confront what our forefathers taught us: That the land of Israel has been acquired through suffering."
Barak said to Israel's enemies, "I do not suggest any of you to put us to the test, our IDF, which guards the fate of the Jews, protects our security and our hopes for peace."