Braverman wants Labor Party court to convene council

Minority Affairs Minister Avishay Braverman was expected to appeal Sunday to the Labor Party court, demanding that the party convene its governing council within 30 days.
Braverman, who has been one of Labor Chairman Ehud Barak’s most vocal opponents in recent months, submitted a petition with over 500 signatures December, calling on the party to hold a debate on the peace process. In the past week, Braverman’s supporters held talks with Labor Party officials in an attempt to reach a mutually agreed-upon date for such a meeting, with mid-February pegged as a likely timeframe, but the parties failed to reach an agreement.
“We regret that in spite of our willingness for compromise, a date has still yet to be set for the council’s meeting, and we believe that the party court will act quickly in order to uphold the party’s constitution as written,” issued Braverman’s office in a statement Saturday night.
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