Chavez calls for pre-dawn turnout at Venezuela vote

YARITAGUA/CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged his supporters to vote early at Sunday's election, saying the key to him winning another six-year term as leader of South America's biggest oil exporter was organization and logistics.
Chavez, 58, is in a close race with 40-year-old state governor Henrique Capriles, and both camps are now focused on their final rallies and getting their supporters to the polls.
The socialist president, a former army officer, called on his followers to rouse their neighbors with trumpets and bugles in a military-style, pre-dawn wake-up call that has been used in previous elections.
"It should be at 3 a.m. Get some nice coffee, some good chocolate, an early breakfast. We have to work very hard in the logistics, the deployment. Water, food for the troops, transport to the polls, to the voting centers," Chavez told thousands of red-shirted "Chavistas" in the central city of Yaritagua.