Colorado Governor says Trump doesn't understand fracking issue

Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper on Monday criticized Donald Trump's comments about fracking, saying the Republican presidential candidate does not completely understand the issue, the Denver Post reported.
Trump, during a campaign in Colorado, said that while he supports fracking, he also believes state and local governments should be able to ban fracking, the Denver Post reported. ( Hickenlooper, a former geologist, called the issue a "tricky thing" when asked why he thought Trump was wrong to support locals' ability to ban fracking, the publication wrote.
He also added that if total responsibility is given to local authorities, any oil and gas activity would be voted to be banned, and people who own these private properties with the minerals would lose out, the publication reported.
The Colorado Supreme Court has a ruling in force which does not allow local governments to ban fracking.
A representative for Trump was not immediately available for comment.