Compromise reached in enlistment controversy

Details of the terms for a new law regulating national service for haredi men were emerging Thursday following the agreement between Likud-Beytenu, Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi to form a government on Wednesday night.
According to Bayit Yehudi sources, there will be a quota of 1,800 yeshiva students every year who will be able to obtain full national service exemptions, a large increase from the 400 demanded by Yesh Atid, while the age of enlistment will be 21
Approximately 7,000 haredi men turn 18 every year.
Crucially, anyone electing not to enlist after 21 will be able to join the work force, something which until now has not been possible until the age of exemption, currently 28, but previously as old as 35.