Crime wave continues in Lod, woman robbed at knifepoint

The crime wave in Lod continued on Tuesday as burglars robbed a woman at knife point, threatening to harm her baby daughter if she did not hand over money and jewelry kept in her home.
The thieves knocked on the door of the woman's apartment and pretended to be deliverymen from a flower shop.  The woman answered the door with her 18 month-old daughter in her arms.
One of the burglars then grabbed the woman's daughter and threatened to attack her with his knife unless the mother provided them with money and jewelry found in the house.
The thieves succeeding in taking a large sum of money and jewelry worth thousands of shekels before fleeing the home.
The father of the baby girl is the owner of a successful grocery store in Lod, and police believe that thieves had inside knowledge that he kept large sums of money around the house.