Dozens said killed in crackdown on Libya protests

CAIRO — Libyan security forces waged an escalating crackdown on protesters demanding the ouster of leader Muammar Gaddafi in several eastern cities on Friday.
In the country's second largest city, a stream of 35 bodies was brought to one hospital Friday, reportedly of protesters shot while trying to march on one of Gaddafi's residences, a doctor said.
The deaths took place in the city of Benghazi after funerals for more than a dozen protesters shot to death a day earlier. The doctor in Benghazi's al-Jalaa hospital said survivors of Friday's clashes said that after the burials, protesters tried to rally outside the Katiba, a military compound where Gaddafi stays when he visits.
Security forces inside the compound opened fire on protesters as they approach, the doctor said. Dead and wounded began flowing into the hospital's emergency ward in the afternoon, in groups of five or six, many with bullet wounds to the head or chest. He said he counted 35 bodies in an ICU unit used as a temporary morgue.