Employees to help Knesset ‘go green’

The Knesset has made a concerted effort in recent years to go green, a spokesman said ahead of Earth Day.
These efforts were spearheaded by the Green Forum, a group founded two years ago composed of Knesset employees who volunteer to make their workplace better for the environment. The forum submitted position papers to Knesset director-general Dan Landau on energy, water, recycling and other environmental issues.
Itai Feldman, a Knesset Research and Information Center researcher, coordinates the Green Forum. Two forum members have PhDs in areas related to environmental science.
The Green Forum’s accomplishments include ensuring every office in the Knesset has recycling bins for paper and that all printers are set to automatically print on both sides of the page.
The Knesset hired outside consultants to check energy efficiency, taking the forum’s recommendations into consideration. The final report composed by the consultants will be implemented as part of the upcoming state budget.
The Green Forum is also working on a environmental awareness course for Knesset employees.
On Tuesday, the Knesset plans to hold extensive discussions of environmental matters, including Earth Day and ammonia tanks situated near residential areas.