Get your old car off the road and we'll pay you NIS 3,000, says government

Get your old car off the

Got a car that's 20 years old or more? Starting this week, you can turn it in for scrap metal and receive NIS 3,000. The joint Environmental Protection, Transportation, and Finance Ministries program is designed to get old highly polluting cars off the road and into official scrap yards rather than having abandoned cars littering the streets.   The first such center opened on Friday in Ashdod and five more are set to be opened around the country in the near future. NIS 20 million has been allocated for each of the next five years to fund the program.   Vehicle owners must first cancel their car registration at the Registration Office and then take the car to A.A. Car Center Motors, Hateina Street #1, A.T. Kele in Ashdod, where they will receive the NIS 3,000.