Iran threatens to quit nuclear deal 'with in hours'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that If the United States imposes any more new sanctions then Iran can abandon the nuclear agreement with world powers "with in hours".
Iran is threatening the west that the potential to re-launch its nulear program exists.
A nuclear deal was made in 2015 between the US, Russia, China and European powers, but Iran says recent changes breach that agreement.
In July the US sanctioned six Iranian firms for their role in a ballistic missile program.
In August US President Trump signed new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and imposed unilateral sanctions that stopped short of barring Iran from ballistic missile testing.
The US says such activity breaches a UN resolution, Iran disagrees AND denies that its missiles aren't designed to carry nuclear weapons.
Last week Trump said Iran wasn't living up to the spirit of the nuclear deal.
But Rouhani on Tuesday retaliating, calling Trump an 'unreliable partner' who'd broken his word on the Paris agreement, Cuba accord and undermined the nuclear deal.