Knesset passes 'revolutionary' electronic signature law

A law to allow electronic signatures online passed on Monday night by the Knesset on its second and third reading., The law was hailed by Science and Technology Committee chairman MK Meir Sheetrit as "a revolution" in the private market and the individual’s relationship with the state and the rest of the world.
As computer and communications technology have greatly advanced and the use of the Internet for purchases and a variety of dealings has expanded, the use of electronic signatures to ensure that the person who uses it is indeed the person who "owns" it was needed.
Among the documents that the state can issue as an individual’s approved electronic document are biometric identity cards; they could be used in dealings with the state and a state employee’s ID card, including that of soldiers, police and prison workers. Biometric ID cards containing data from scans of the bearer’s fingerprints or the retina of the eye will be usable by the individual (but not a company) not only in dealings with the state but with other bodies as well
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