Labor court refuses Treasury demand to stop doctors' strike

The Tel Aviv District Labor Court refused on Wednesday to the Treasury's demand to issue restraining orders against the Israel Medical Association (IMA), with the doctors who have been in a labor dispute for two months agreeing to tone down their sanctions in the next two weeks. In return, the doctors demanded that the standardization be part of the negotiations from this point. The Treasury had demanded that the doctors cease all sanctions for a month.
The protocol of the hearing detailed the specifics of where and to what extent the doctors would be working in the next two weeks. A hearing was scheduled at the court on June 12, when the sides would report on their progress in the negotiations to the court.
The court signed off by calling on the sides to put an end to their dispute, “for the welfare and health of the citizens of Israel.”
In the course of the hearing, the Treasury told the court they were willing to improve their monetary offer, if the IMA would agree to install attendance clocks. “We expect the IMA to... waive [the demand] for raises to all the doctors, and to engage in a topical discussion on implementing attendance clocks,” the Treasury said in a statement.