Labor leaves PM nomination to president's discretion

Even though it was a given that Labor would not enter a coalition led by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, those things which are self-understood must be said and were said by Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich on Thursday after meeting with President Shimon Peres.
Labor did not recommend anyone for the role of prime minister, but left it to the President's discretion.
We will serve the public from the opposition, said Yacimovich, stressing that she did not have anything personal against Netanyahu, but it was a matter of ideological differences which cannot be bridged.
Labor would support the government in matters of security and matters relating to the peace process, she said, but would remain an alternative to any incoming government.
Yacimovich was critical of Lapid's decision to join a Netanyahu led coalition, saying it did not bode well for the economically disadvantaged.