Landau: Arrest Raed Salah, outlaw Islamic Movement

Landau Arrest Raed Sala

National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau (Israel Beiteinu) said on Tuesday that the Islamic Movement should be outlawed. In response to the recent clashes between Arab youths and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, Landau called for the indictment of those Muslim leaders who were calling for violence and confrontation in the capital and encouraging hateful anti-Israeli sentiments, among them "[Islamic Movement northern branch leader] Sheikh Raed Salah and his ilk." "Israel must stop paying the salaries of imams and heads of mosques who engage in incitement against the state of Israel," said Landau. He also called for discussion in the cabinet on bringing PA activity in Jerusalem to a halt. Landau stated that implementing his suggestions could possibly "put a stop to the inflammation that brings about the wounding of soldiers, stone-throwing, riots and clashes."