Landau: Israel must be prepared to overthrow Hamas

National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau (Israel Beiteinu) said Sunday that if a relative calm is not achieved in the immediate future between Israel and Gaza then the IDF must be prepared to overthrow the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip, Army Radio reported.
Landau added that "We needed to finish of the job in Operation Cast Lead," referring to the 2009 IDF-led operation targeting Hamas's terrorist activities in the Gaza Strip. "There is only one thing worse than the IDF going into Gaza, and that is more rocket fire on our children in Sderot, in Beersheba, and in Ashdod," the national infrastructure minister added.
Speaking about Hamas and their leadership, Landau told Army Radio that "If we really want to deter Hamas, we must exploit their fear of losing control in the strip. Our targets need to be their leaders."