Lawyer for Sara Netanyahu apologizes after attacking judge in civil lawsuit

The lawyer representing Sara Netanyahu apologized Wednesday afternoon after the Israel Bar Association fiercely criticized him for attacking the judge presiding over a civil court case involving the prime minister's wife.
In a letter released on Wednesday, Yossi Cohen wrote: "I respect and value the justice system and all its proceedings. My criticism regarded a specific procedure in which Mrs. Netanyahu was prohibited from presenting witnesses on her behalf. I did not mean to personally attack the judge and i apologize if my words were understood incorrectly."
His remarks came in response to the IBA reprimanding his comments about the judge after she ruled against Mrs. Netanyahu in a lawsuit by her former employee Guy Eliyahu.
In a statement backing the judge, the IBA stated: "Comments such as these by an Israeli lawyer about an Israeli court are unacceptable and should be denounced. The attempt to besmirch the court and excoriate the judge who is just doing her job  is not worthy and not respectful towards the public and the legal community."
The bar association emphasized that they were not opining on the judges ruling, rather on Cohen's words following the trial.
"It is incumbent upon us to protect the justice system and denounce any comments that deviate from accepted critique. Incitement and besmirching a judge who cannot respond, is unacceptable and we cannot have it, therefore we felt the need to respond like this."
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