Lindenstrauss to probe MK Nachman Shai's bloated pension plan

Lindenstrauss to probe N

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss opened an investigation Wednesday into the IDF pension that Kadima MK Nachman Shai receives from the Defense Ministry. Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Shai, who served as IDF spokesperson for three years, was granted a military pension for life. Shai, given the rank of brigadier general for the position without climbing the military ladder, was also given a five-year-long unpaid vacation. His combined eight-year service therefore fulfilled the criteria needed to receive a pension from the IDF. According to Finance Ministry data published in March, the salary of a brigadier general comes to NIS 40,300, so Shai's pension plan comes to some NIS six million. Lindenstrauss said the investigation was in its first stage and said, "We will examine whether this is a single case or a common phenomenon. If it is a phenomenon, we will inquire whether it has come to an end." Shai said he would supply Lindenstrauss with all the documents he needs and will issue his own response after the investigation is completed.