Local council head says Abu Snan brawl caused by fight between two locals, not tensions

Ibrahim, a spokesman for local council head Nuhad Mishlav, said Saturday that Friday's brawl in the village of Abu Snan had nothing to do with tensions between Druse and Muslims and that relations between the communities are sound. Ibrahim said that the background to the brawl was a fight earlier in the week between a Druse and Muslim local man and also because of insults traded between Druse and Muslim youth on Facebook in recent days.
He added that the a local incident in which Muslim highs school students showed up to class in kaffiyehs and began protesting about the security situation in Israel, was unrelated to the brawl.
Police are nonetheless examining whether or not the clash was linked to tension between the two communities, in particular recent violence between Arabs and the police and army in Israel such as the killing last Friday night of a Kafr Kana man by police.
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