Major part of new Jewish e. J'lem neighborhood not approved

In a surprising move, the Interior Ministry on Tuesday did not approve a major part of the new Givat Hamatos neighborhood in east Jerusalem. The decision comes during four days of marathon meetings in the Interior Ministry and Jerusalem municipality’s planning committees, which started on Monday and are expected to advance approvals for 6,500 apartments over the 1967 Green Line this week alone.
According to Interior Ministry spokeswoman Efrat Orbach, the committee approved around 700 units for Arab residents of Beit Safafa, located next to Givat Hamatos. The committee decided to postpone more than 1,000 units for both Arabs and Jews which would be located in both Beit Safafa and the new Givat Hamatos neighborhood.
This comes the day after the 1,500 apartment units in Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo received final approval from the Interior Ministry on Monday.
On Wednesday, the Local Committee is expected to give final approval to stage A of Givat Hamatos, with 2,610 units. On Thursday, the District Committee is expected to give final approval to the Slopes of Gilo South, approximately 1,000 apartment units.