Man stabs ex-girlfriend's partner to death in Nesher

A man stabbed the partner of his ex-girlfriend to death in Nesher, near Haifa, police said on Tuesday.
The incident took place after the woman and her new partner arrived at her ex-boyfriend's home to assemble her belongings.
The ex-boyfirend at first refused to let the couple into the home. The woman then walked to a police station nearby and returned with a policewoman and a police volunteer.
The woman was then allowed to enter the home together with the policewoman, and began collecting her belongings. Her boyfriend and the police volunteer waited outside.
At this stage, police suspect, the ex-boyfriend launched a violent assault on her, stabbing her twice with a knife. The policewoman tried but failed to subdue him. Hearing shouts inside, the boyfriend and the police volunteer ran into the home. The suspect then allegedly stabbed the boyfriend in the throat, chest and stomach.