MKs block PA, Lebanon from joining key world body

A group of Knesset members succeeded in blocking a resolution in Belgrade over the weekend that would have enabled the Palestinian Authority and the Hizbullah-backed government in Lebanon to enter the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization. It has 56 participating states from Europe, Central Asia and North America and six Mediterranean partners, including Israel.
England and France supported the Belgian-sponsored resolution to add the PA and Lebanon, but the Israeli delegation, led by MK Shai Hermesh (Kadima), succeeded in defeating it by a 22-18 vote with the help of Canada, the United States, Germany, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Hermesh said in his speech at the conference that adding the PA would be premature and could harm the peace process, while adding Lebanon would mean welcoming a terror-supporting state.