Mobileye says its software would have seen pedestrian in Uber fatality

SAN FRANCISCO - The head of Mobileye said on Monday its computer vision system would have detected the pedestrian crossing the road in Arizona who was killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle, and called for a concerted move to validate the safety of autonomous vehicles.
Amnon Shashua, chief executive officer of Mobileye, the vision system company owned by Intel Corp, in a blog post also criticized "new entrants" in the field of self-driving that have not gone through the years of development necessary to ensure safety in the vehicles.
Police and safety regulators are investigating the March 18 fatality in which a woman crossing a wide roadway at night was struck and killed by the Uber self-driving test vehicle.
Mobileye, with headquarters in Jerusalem, was acquired by Intel in March 2017. staff contributed to this report.