Nablus: Wanted Tanzim terrorists arrested

Security forces on Wednesday arrested a Palestinian Tanzim operative who had been granted amnesty by Israel as part of a fugitive agreement several years ago in an operation by the Border Police's elite undercover Judea and Samaria unit (YAMAS), the IDF and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).
Steven Anbatawi, 23, was behind a series of shooting attacks in the Nablus area during the Second Intifada but was granted a pardon by Israel if he refrained from engaging in terrorist activity. In recent months, the Shin Bet learned of his involvement in planning and carrying out attacks against Israelis and as a result he was apprehended on Wednesday.
IDF sources said that out of the hundreds of Palestinians included in the fugitive agreement, only a handful have breached the agreement.
Vazir A'asia, born in 1990 and also a member of the Tanzim group, was also arrested along with Anbatawi.
The arrests form the second anti-terror operation in the West Bank in 24 hours.