Netanyahu postpones firing Likud director-general

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu postponed a meeting of the Likud secretariat Thursday night in which he intended to ask for the firing of party director-general Gadi Arieli.
Netanyahu wanted Arieli to take the fall for the party's disappointing finish in the January election. But party activists had vowed to prevent the firing and embarrass Netanyahu. The activists also vowed to stop Netanyahu from replacing Arieli with the former head of the Postal Authority Yossi Sheli.
The Movement for Quality Government said Sheli should not be appointed because he was indicted for perjury. To avoid a conviction, Sheli promised not to accept any appointment to a position in public service.
The movement argued that even though the Likud director-general is not a civil servant, it is still a senior post that would contradict the spirit of the plea agreement. The secretariat will convene in two weeks, after Netanyahu returns from next week's visit to China.