New organization for well-being of soldiers formed

 The Association for the Well-Being of Israel's Soldiers (AWIS) has joined together with the Libi Fund to create a new organization, Yahad Lema'an Hachayal (Together for the Wellbeing of Israel's soldiers) on Monday. 
The new organization's chairman, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yoram Yair, said all of its salary, vehicle, management and administrative costs will be covered by the Defense Ministry, rather than funds raised from donors. 
All donations raised will go directly to the welfare of soldiers, Yair, who is carrying out his role on a voluntary basis, added. 
Yahad Lema'an Hayal will strengthen ties between members of the public in Israel and Diaspora Jews and the IDF, the organization said. "We will wort to refreh and courage fundraising for the welfare of soldiers. Perhaps not everyone can donate, but everyone can volunteer," Yair added.