PM commends 'Israeli endurance' at Remembrance Day speech

At an opening ceremony on Sunday for Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars at Yad Labanim, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke of the deep pain Israel feels for the bereaved families.
He described his own personal loss, "I identify with the pain felt (by the bereaved families), as my own brother Yonatan Netanyahu gave his life defending Israel during the mission at Entebbe."
Though the PM expressed the need to mourn the losses Israel has had to endure since the War of Independence, he noted that, "nothing can take away from the sacrifices we have given defending Israel, and that is the secret to our strength."
He commended current Israelis for their undying strength which he said is "necessary in ensuring the protection of Jerusalem for generations to come."
His last words in his speech were a blessing for the fallen soldiers.
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