Poll: New German anti-euro party would get 4% of votes

BERLIN - A new party that wants Germany to quit the euro would not get enough votes to enter parliament if a federal election were held on Sunday but could well break through the 5 percent threshold by September, a survey showed on Saturday.
The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party would get 4 percent of votes if Germans went to the polls on Sunday, the survey by INSA for the German magazine Focus showed.
That is more than the 3 percent an INSA-Meinungstrend poll commissioned for the Bild daily gave the party earlier this week.
Hermann Binkert, head of INSA, said the party had a "real chance" of entering the Bundestag lower house of parliament when Germany holds its federal election in September.
"That will make it more difficult for (the current coalition of) black-yellow to enter parliament," Binkert added.
Asked in an interview with the German weekly magazine Wirtschaftswoche whether AfD was a problem for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said: "For the time being the AfD expresses citizens' concerns and worries. We have to take these concerns seriously."