Report: Police bust Beersheba Bamba burglar

Report Police bust Beer

A 35-year-old Beersheba resident with a strong late-night craving for Bamba recently picked the lock and broke the door of a store across from his home in order to get some of the peanut-flavored snack. He ravaged the store until he found a bag of Bamba and then proceeded to consume the contents of the bag, exited the store and left the empty packet behind, according to Ma'ariv. The next morning the store owner discovered that his shop had been broken into and the only thing stolen was the bag of Bamba. The owner contacted the Beersheba police, who came to the site and took fingerprints from the empty bag. These were matched up with the fingerprints of a man the store owner identified as a frequent purchaser of large amounts of Bamba. On Wednesday the Beersheba police department claims bureau filed charges against the defendant, who was released on bail. His case is scheduled to be heard in court in the near future. "I'm crazy about Bamba," the defendant told investigators. "I was hungry and all the stores were closed, so I broke into one of them."