Rishon Tours owner indicted over false documents for Olmert

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office filed an indictment on Thursday against Emanuel Baumwolspiner, founder and owner of the Rishon Tours travel agency implicated in former prime minister Ehud Olmert's corruption scandal, charging him with falsifying travel invoices and sending them to various nonprofit organizations.
Olmert is currently standing trial in the Jerusalem District Court on a string of corruption charges, all of which he denies, including that he double-billed various non-profit organizations for international flights, and used the extra money to pay for private trips for his family and himself via his tour agency, Rishon Tours. That trial is now reaching its final stages.
Filed in the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court, the indictment against Baumwolspiner covers the period from 2002-2006, and charges that the travel agency owner knowingly ordered his employees to create false documentation regarding Olmert's travel, as requested by the former prime minister's bureau.
That false documentation allegedly includes invoices and receipts, including forged information for the various nonprofit bodies paying for the trips, and were issued at the request of Olmert's office, the indictment charges.