Shaked: 'I never said the High Court is a branch of Meretz.'

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked responded to allegations made against her in the Knesset on Monday, rejecting them as untrue.
"I never said the High Court is a branch of Meretz," Shaked said, "you are all repeating this lie, one after the other."
Shaked was refering to MK Shelly Yachimovich [Labor], MK Tamar Zandberg [Meretz] and MK Michal Rozin [Meretz].
During the Knesset discussion, requested by Meretz to discuss the "assault led by the Minister of Justice on the High Court and Israeli democracy," Zandberg claimed that "Shaked's working ethos is very dangerous to Israeli democracy and is bringing us closer to the illiberal democracies of Eastern Europe and dictators from around the world."
In her response, Shaked said that "the Knesset never passed a racist law and I think that day will never come."