South: Detectives arrest dozens in 2 organized crime raids

Police investigators from the YAHBAL serious and international crimes unit and investigators from the Tax Authority arrested dozens of suspects in Eilat on Tuesday, as part of a major sweep against organized crime in the southern city. 
Police said the 30 suspects were wanted in connection to a litany of serious crimes carried out in the city over the past years, including murder, extortion, and money laundering. 
At the same time that investigators were carrying out the raids in Eilat, detectives from the Negev branch of the YAMAR central investigative unit arrested 32 suspects as part of an undercover sting against a separate organized crime family. 
Like the Eilat organization, the suspects in the Beersheba raid were being investigated in a large-scale organized crime case involving charges of murder, extortion, and money laundering. During the raids Tuesday morning, police said they seized tens of thousands of shekels in cash and several automobiles.