Trajtenberg: C'tee okaying Ariel has conflict of interest

Professor Emanuel Trachtenberg, head of the Israel Council for Higher Education, on Tuesday attacked the expected decision of the West Bank Council for Higher Education to recognize Ariel University Center (AUC) as Israel's eighth university later Tuesday as acting with a conflict of interest.
Trachtenberg said that the West Bank Council's expected decision will have been based almost entirely on the basis of information provided by AUC itself.In contrast, typically the decision of recognizing a new university is made in conjunction with the Israel Council, which just last week rejected recognizing AUC at this time, recommending delaying any final decision for at least another year.
The West Bank Council was established by the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in the mid 1990s to oversee issues relating to Ariel and other high learning centers in the West Bank since it was considered too controversial to incorporate such institutions beyond the Green Line directly into Israel's Council.
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