UK PM May says did not have advance notice of Trump refugee order

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday she was not given advance notice of US President Donald Trump's plan to sign an executive order suspending the US admission of refugees shortly after the two met in Washington.
Last Friday, Trump issued an executive order barring refugees from the United States and suspending travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, stirring protests at home and abroad.
Responding to a question from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, May told parliament: "If he's asking me whether I had advance notice of the ban on refugees, the answer is 'no.'
"If he's asking me if I had advance notice that the executive order could affect UK citizens, the answer is 'no.' If he's asking if I had advance notice of the travel restrictions, the answer is 'we all did' because President Trump said he was going to do this in his election campaign."