UN's Ban to defiant Iran: prove atom work peaceful

VIENNA - The United Nations chief urged Iran on Friday to implement Security Council resolutions under which Tehran should curb sensitive nuclear activity, but the Islamic state once again signaled it has no intention of doing so.
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also said Iran must cooperate fully with the UN atomic watchdog, which will send a senior team to Tehran next week to seek explanations for a trove of intelligence suggesting Iran has tried to design atomic bombs.
Iran, which is facing tightening US and European sanctions targeting its vital oil exports, rejects Western accusations that its nuclear program is ultimately designed to provide it with the means and technologies needed to assemble atom bombs.
"I have been urging ... all senior authorities of the Iranian government that the onus is on the Iranian side to prove, to convince, the international community that their nuclear development program is genuinely for peaceful purposes," Ban told a news conference in Vienna.