William Hague calls for Gilad Schalit's "immediate" release

It is unacceptable that Gilad Schalit is being held by Hamas without any access to the Red Cross, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague, speaking ahead of the fifth anniversary of the kidnapping of Israel soldier Gilad Schalit.
According to an official statement released by the British Embassy,  Hague called on Wednesday for Schalit's release, asking "Hamas to release Schalit immediately and unconditionally".
Hague's comments came as British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould met with the parents of the kidnapped soldier to bring them a message of solidarity from Prime Minister David Cameron.
“I wanted you to know that you and Gilad are still in his thoughts and to just make it absolutely clear that Gilad is not forgotten,” the Ambassador told Noam and Aviva Schalit. He added that “William Hague, the British government, all of us will continue to shout about it."