Forget about coffee: This is what you should drink first thing every morning

Nutritionist Aislinn Cambridge reveals what we all need to drink in the morning to start the day with more energy, and also how long before bedtime we should stop eating.

 Drinking water (illustrative) (photo credit: RAWPIXEL)
Drinking water (illustrative)
(photo credit: RAWPIXEL)

We all know how it feels to get up very early in the morning and drag ourselves out of bed because we don’t have enough energy to start the day. 

Aislinn Cambridge, an Irish nutritionist and therapist, claims that there’s one drink that "works like a charm" and can make us feel our best in the morning. You won’t believe how accessible, cheap and easy it is to make it.

What's the secret to starting your day off right?

It's well known that drinking lots of water really helps keep our bodies healthy, but Cambridge claims that the real secret is to squeeze half a lemon and add it to a glass of hot water. 

"There is one thing we all need to do as soon as we get out of bed and that is to drink water. It stimulates the body and lowers blood pressure," she explained, adding: "If you want more energy for your body, drink hot water with squeezed lemon as if it's just magic.”

"If you want more energy for your body, drink hot water with squeezed lemon as if it's just magic.”

Aislinn Cambridge

When should you be eating before bed?

Aislinn’s next tip is that our last daily meal should be at least three hours before bed. This way the body better digests the food before sleep. 

She explained: "If you eat dinner and try to sleep an hour or two after that it will hurt your body, as it will be difficult to  process the food and recover. Your digestive system will stagnate which will negatively affect your sleep and mood. So eat supper three or four hours before bed.”

Her third important tip is to avoid artificial sweeteners when you crave sugar. She states that some people feel that eating cookies made with artificial sweeteners is a healthier option but this is worse than eating two cookies made with standard sugar. 

'Diet' drinks contain artificial ingredients that our body doesn’t know how to process so they’re more harmful and destructive than those which contain sugar.