What accessories must every mom have at home?

Useful, simple and inexpensive. Get to know the benefits of these items, that will help you and your baby from birth.

 Baby in baby carrier (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Baby in baby carrier
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Some mothers will define them as "life savers" and others will be happy to admit that they’re very useful in the days, weeks and even the first months after birth. We’re talking about three basic accessories that accompany your baby and you from day one: beanbag, baby carrier and physio ball.

Keren Hajaj, an infant development instructor who uses the first-step method, recommends buying these items before the birth, and explains why they’re so essential. They’re simple, inexpensive and you can do various exercises with them. So lets start:


You can put the baby on the beanbag in different positions from the first moment, such as in a hammock or lying on the sides. The bean bag allows for relaxation and ease and also envelops the tiny body. Keren recommends the beanbag instead of any trampoline or swing, and therefore suggests putting a baby gym on it as well to gain hammock time combined with playing time for a comprehensive solution.


Let's start with the fact that a baby carrier allows you to have two free hands and do what you need without limit. If you have another small child who needs attention, it is even more useful. How does a carrier really help when a baby is inside it? It’s next to you, feels your heartbeat and the warmth of your body and this helps the baby relax and go to sleep.

In the first weeks a cloth carrier is the most recommended, although it can be stressful at first glance with all the layers and bindings. But it’s really easy to use and will allow your baby to feel wrapped like it’s in the womb.

(Credit: Ingimage)(Credit: Ingimage)

Physio ball

Hold the baby and help it move on the ball to soothe a little one who has gas. Beyond that, you can lean the baby on the ball and roll it forward, backward and to the sides.The movement helps the baby lie on the stomach and lift the head and also allows baby to rest his or her head. The main use of the ball is to activate the body's system of balance and equilibrium when a baby is in different positions.

So, if you’re pregnant or already have a small baby, equip yourself with these three accessories. You’ll see how significant they’ll become to your daily routine.