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In time for the fall and long evenings at home with the little ones, Yalula introduces toys designed for creative play for young children and adults.

Back to basics (photo credit: NERIA BARR)
Back to basics
(photo credit: NERIA BARR)
This week, look for better ways to enjoy life without harming the planet, travel with the best anti-theft backpack, breathe cleaner air, try locally made cosmetics from olives, choose wooden toys and get ready for the cold season
Take a deep breath
The air that we breathe indoors is impacted by airborne particles originating on surfaces and a diverse number of microorganisms dispersed in the air by air-conditioning systems affect our health. The Better-Air system, developed in Israel and marketed the world over, uses patent-protected Enviro-Biotics – the first pro-biotic air cleansing technology that provides ecological balance in air-conditioned rooms. The system provides ecological restoration through a unique automated system that disperses environmental probiotics into the air. These microscopic agents settle everywhere, creating a protective layer of beneficial flora on surfaces and objects. The result is that illness-causing allergens and pathogens are reduced, alleviating breathing disorders and allergic reactions. Our indoor spaces, where we spend more than 90% of our time, thus become safe zones that foster improved health and overall well-being.
Introduced in Israel by Moriya store, Better-Air doesn’t just cleanse the air, it provides probiotics that help restore balance and also cleanse the surfaces. The Bio-Logic model can be carried anywhere, including your car, an airplane, hotel room, or even a hospital. NIS 650.
For more information about Better-Air and other Moriya products go to
Safe travel
Bobby backpack is called “The best anti-theft backpack available,” and for good reasons. Designed by XD Design and marketed in Israel by, this bag has become a worldwide best seller thanks to hidden zippers in the back of the bag and bottom that cannot be cut by thieves; excellent design that is made with the best environment-friendly materials; and many features that suit the modern nomad’s lifestyle.
Every day, some 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur worldwide. Besides providing safe travel, Bobby Backpack is also a very convenient backpack, with features such as an integrated USB charging port, weight balance, water-repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap. There are easily accessed hidden pockets for your train ticket or change, special compartment suitable for 15.6-inch laptop or up to an 10-inch tablet. The waterproof bag opens to 180° and has 13-liter capacity. No modern nomad should leave home without it.
Bobby is available in a variety of colors. NIS 399. Available only at
Say more cheese, please
Domino’s Pizza added a new flavor to its popular Cheesy Crust line – the family-size Cheesy Crust mozzarella pesto pizza, with 100% mozzarella cheese, Domino’s freshly made dough, and rich tomato sauce. It is now available for only NIS 59.90 if you collect it yourself, or if you order one classic cheesyccrust and one pesto-mozzarella cheesy crust you’ll get a home-delivery of both for NIS 59.90 each. Delicious.
Painted with accuracy
The new Superstay Ink Crayon Lipsticks by Maybelline, provide, according to the company, up to eight-hour matte lip color. The long-wear crayon lipstick instantly became a permanent fixture in my handbag because it glides on very easily and has a sumptuous flavor. Application is super easy – with no spilling or smearing. The new formula with Lasting Ink technology glides a rich layer of matte color across the lips with effortless control, and the built-in sharpener at the bottom is another genius solution for applying it anywhere. The new formula provides comfort as well as very good coverage in one stroke and the lipstick’s crayon design is very cool. The long-wear lipstick crayon is available in a range of 12 matte shades spanning from nudes and browns, to reds, pinks and luscious purples. NIS 40. During the month of November, a Matte Ink Lipstick and Ink Crayon lipstick will be available for NIS 70 only.
The dry season
While it may rain outside, our skin suffers most from dryness during the fall and winter. This is the time to think of products that promote hydration in the skin, such as Mineral 89 skin booster by Vichy that, used under the moisturizer, helps lock hydration in the skin for long hours. The formula, consisting among other ingredients of Hyaluronic acid and spring mineral water, has a lightweight texture and absorbs in the skin immediately. Apply 2-3 drops under the day cream. NIS 119. Available in private pharmacies.
Lightweight comfort
As the nights get colder, the urge for comfort foods increases – but if one is to watch one’s diet, one must look for more healthful ideas. I have recently found a new product – vegetable “spaghetti,” produced by Marina that can sometimes replace the urge for real pasta. The peeled vegetables are stringed to look like spaghetti and are ready for eating raw or cooked. Use them instead of pasta with your preferred sauce, add them to salads or soups or enjoy them by themselves. My favorite is the zucchini spaghetti with basil pesto – yummy. NIS 12.90 for 250 grams.
Just what the doctor ordered
Recommended by most American dermatologists, CeraVe body and face hydrating cream provides hydration for very dry skin throughout the day, providing it with a protective layer that helps rehabilitate the skin’s natural protective abilities. The cream contains three ceramides and hyaluronic acid, is hypoallergenic and contains no perfume or parabens. The CeraVe cream suits children and adults alike, so get one cream for the whole family. NIS 54.90 for 177 ml., NIS 94.90 for 340 ml. and NIS 114.90 for 454 ml.
Back to basics
In time for the fall and long evenings at home with the little ones, Yalula introduces toys designed for creative play for young children and adults. Create and construct animal farms or toys with or without wheels – all made from environmentally friendly materials – with simple designs that promote creativity as well as mental and motor skills. We loved the wooden animal farm, which includes a tractor, trees and 13 animals, to be constructed and painted by the kids. Packed in a cloth bag, the kit is already on our list of Hanukkah gifts. NIS 320. Available in toy stores and online at
For tequila lovers
Milenario Extra Añejo, an extra Añejo tequila from the world-known Tequila brand Sierra Milenario range, is now available in Israel. Made with 100% agave and aged for three years in oak casks, the Sierra Milenario Tequila Extra Añejo is adorned with a Mayan temple symbol. The three-year-old 100% agave Sierra Milenario Tequila Extra Añejo tequila is double-distilled and matured in special oak barrels that provide the quality spirit with flavors like pineapple, roasted agave, caramel and vanilla, and is dipped in dark gold. It owes its fruity tones to the aromatic agave plants, which thrive on the rich volcanic soil in the highlands of Jalisco. Enjoy this exceptional spirit from Sierra Tequila on its own or in cocktails such as margarita, in which the rich barrel aromas will come wonderfully to life. Made in Mexico. The alcohol content is 41.5% . NIS 349.
The giving tree
Olea Essence is a local boutique cosmetic brand located in Beit Habad in the Golan Heights. The brand produces cosmetics and cleaning materials from materials that are the outcome of producing olive oil and are usually cast aside, polluting the ground and the water. Owners Avenr and Smadar Talmon, who believe in harmonious living with nature, together with the late Dr. Pipko, discovered the medical and cleansing benefits of the materials and are using them to produce a variety of products, including cosmetics, house cleaning and culinary items, marketed in a chain of stores. The company’s new products are hand- and body-peeling soap and facial-peeling soap, which are made from 100% olive fruit and oil. The body soap cleans, peels and tones the skin, leaving it soft and smelling fresh, thanks to the lemongrass essence that is a part of its formula (NIS 105.50 for 350 ml.). The facial soap, enriched with herbal oils as well as the olive fruit and oil, is especially beneficial for those suffering from acne and similar skin conditions. Leaving skin clean and hydrated, this soap won the San Francisco international environmental prize. NIS 132.50 for 385 ml. Available online at