First Knesset speech written by ChatGPT held by MK Haskel

Sharren Haskel read out a speech written by artificial intelligence, warning against division in the country because of the judicial reform plans.

Likud MK Sharren Haskel participating in a panel in Germany (photo credit: Courtesy)
Likud MK Sharren Haskel participating in a panel in Germany
(photo credit: Courtesy)

National Unity Party MK Sharren Haskel made history after being the first MK to read a speech in the Knesset which was written by the artifical intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

The speech was written by the artificial intelligence according to the directive to write a speech about the danger of division in the nation, reasons for the division and the ways to resolve it.

How to mend the rift

"The effect of the rift in the nation is felt at all levels of Israeli society. It creates a feeling of cynicism and apathy among citizens who think that their voices are not heard...This may lead to a complete loss of public trust in the political system and damage to their political involvement," Haskel said.

"The division in the nation could lead to the destruction of the Israeli social fabric. The polarization and distancing of the different groups from each other could very likely lead to violence and physical confrontation... It is necessary to prioritize the unity of the nation and promote a common vision for the future of our country. This vision should give expression to all of us and reflect the diverse attitudes and needs of all the citizens of the country," Haskel continued.

"We need to encourage dialogue and cooperation between the political camps. We can achieve this only by creating a forum and a stage for dialogue, where leaders from different parties can sit around a table and cooperate in constructive dialogue and find common ground and basis," Haskel's speech concluded.

After she ended her speech, Haskel added: "It's interesting that artificial intelligence probably has more intelligence than many elected officials who are here in this house."

"Today's dispute over the judiciary, this legal revolution that you are leading without restraint, without extending a hand, is tearing our nation apart and creating a division that will take years to heal."

Haskel concluded by saying: "It was important for me to read the speech in the plenary because I saw that the artificial intelligence understood what politicians and the government still did not know how to understand. The rift they are creating in the people of Israel will take years to nurse and mend."

President Isaac Herzog recently gave a speech which was partially written by ChatGPT to the Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv. He said that both his opening and closing to the speech were written by ChatGPT, saying “the bots spun into action,” as a way of showing what he called are the amazing achievements of the cyber and hi-tech industries.

Yonah Jeremy Bob contributed to this report.