Joe Biden sends Passover message to Jewish community

World leaders and politicians share messages and goodwill with Jewish communities around the world ahead of the Passover holiday

 Workers prepare matza, traditional unleavened bread eaten during the 8-day Jewish holiday of Passover, in "Yehuda Matzos" Plant in Jerusalem April 4, 2022.  (photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)
Workers prepare matza, traditional unleavened bread eaten during the 8-day Jewish holiday of Passover, in "Yehuda Matzos" Plant in Jerusalem April 4, 2022.
(photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

United States President Joe Biden wished a Happy Passover to Jewish people around the world in a statement shared via Twitter on Friday afternoon.

"Happy Passover to all who celebrate in America, Israel, and around the world. May God bless you all during this season of renewal, this festival of freedom. From our family to yours: Chag sameach," read the tweet from the official @POTUS account.

On Thursday evening, US Vice President Kamala Harris wished Israeli President Isaac Herzog a Happy Passover during a phone call in which she also condemned the recent wave of terror attacks across Israel that have left multiple dead and wounded.

The vice president and her husband, who is Jewish, will also be hosting a Passover Seder at their residence, she shared via Twitter on Friday. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also tweeted a video wishing Jews in the UK and across the world a happy Passover.

"For the first time in far too long, this year the Seder table will once again be thronged with family and friends, every seat occupied by an actual loved one, rather than the unblinking eye of a phone camera or laptop," he said.

Johnson also addressed the situation that many Ukrainian Jews will be facing, conducting Passover seders in bomb shelters or in unfamiliar new countries they were forced to escape to. 

"The story of Passover is about a journey to freedom, about faith in the midst of hardship and a reminder that there will always be better times ahead," he added.

Keir Starmer, leader of the UK Labour Party also addressed the Jewish community, saying that he will be partaking in a Passover Seder as well, as his wife's family is Jewish.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison published a Passover message to the Jewish community of Australia, touching on the thematic topics of freedom and hope.

"In the Haggadah, the story of God’s saving action, you tell a story of hope and freedom. We remind ourselves of keeping faith during times of despair, and that in time, faith will ultimately overcome the injustices of oppressors," his letter reads.

"Here in Australia, I honor the Jewish community as you have always sought to contribute to the peace of our land, playing your own role in the most successful multicultural and multi-faith nation on Earth."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also shared a Passover video on his social media saying "Chag Pesach Sameach! As you gather around the Seder table with your family and friends tonight, read from the Haggadah, and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, I want to wish all Jewish Canadians a happy and healthy Passover."

Gitanas Nauseda, President of Lithuania, wished a Happy Passover to Jews all around the globe, saying "may it bring joy, peace and hope to every family."

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and alternate prime minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid shared a humorous joint video via social media in which they wished Israelis and Jews worldwide a happy Passover and discussed the number of people they would both be hosting at their respective Seders.

Other wellwishers included former US secretary of state Hilary Clinton, former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Israeli ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely and Beatles member Paul McCartney.