The Rosh Hashanah wine list you need for the Jewish New Year

Give these amazing wines a try this Rosh Hashana.

  (photo credit: Nati Levy)
(photo credit: Nati Levy)

Pop a bubbly for this much-needed celebration – in the hope of a happy new year. And talking of bubbly, if you can’t pop a Champagne from Champagne – try a good substitute such as the kosher Codorniu Clasico Cava. I like the brut (dry) version, but the semi-seco is a wonderful start for a happy evening. 

The sweet flavors are well-balanced and it is great as an aperitif, with dessert, or as a base for cocktails. NIS 29.90

Psagot introduced two bubblies this year, Wild Brut white and Wild Brut rosé. Both are good and will be perfect for a warm erev chag. NIS 95

White and rosé

Sauvignon Blanc Green Bin by Binyamina is wonderfully crisp and perfect to start the evening with. With clean aromas of white peach and citrus, as well as green herbs – it is a fresh start for the new year. NIS 65.

The Har Amasa Rose 2022 by Yatir, one of the best wineries in Israel, is, as expected, very good. Crisp and very dry, with a lovely light pink color and aromas of white peach and red grapefruit, and fruity flavors, it is such a nice wine – to drink any time, with or without food. NIS 105

  (credit: Nati Levy)
(credit: Nati Levy)

Teperberg 2022 Vision dry white blend offers excellent value for money. At NIS 35, the wine is lovely and crisp, with aromas of green apple and lemon. Serve with hors d’oeuvres and fish. 


Recanati Winery has been producing wines from local ancient grapes that survived – Bittuni and Marawi. One of them, introduced for the holiday, is the Bittuni, a lovely floral red wine with noticeable minerality and aromas of roses and red cherries. A very special wine for your main dish, give it a try. It is interesting and very good. NIS 105

The Petit Verdot 2020 by Yatir is your elegant choice. A smooth and round red blend (89% Petit Verdot and 11% Cabernet Sauvignon), the wine is full of flavor yet not too heavy, easy to drink, and perfect if you have beef or lamb for your main dish. The color is a beautiful dark red and the floral aromas and fruity flavors are delicious. NIS 105

Barkan continues its journey with the Altitude series, introducing for this holiday season all three Altitudes – 585, 624, and 720. The wines are quite different from each other. The most complex, the 720, offers aromas of green herbs such as rosemary and thyme (great for lamb) as well as red fruit. 

The Altitude 624, the winner of numerous competitions, is my favorite. Easy to drink, it will be a sure winner with your guests as well.

The third wine, Altitude 585, is full of flavors and well-balanced. NIS 120 each.

The Teperberg Winery serves up very good wines for all occasions, and this holiday season is no different. Try their 2020 Legacy Petite Sirah. A full-bodied red wine, with complex aromas of red fruit, a little coffee, and rich oak, the wine is harmonious and will pair nicely with rich stews. NIS 199.

If you prefer Cabernet Sauvignon (many do), the Teperberg Cabernet Sauvignon Essence 2018 is a good choice too. NIS 99.

Last but certainly not least is The Cave 2019. Cave Winery was founded in 2000 by the owners of the Binyamina Winery, aiming to establish a prestigious boutique winery. The wines are created and stored in a cave located at the foothills of Carmel Mountain.

This holiday, the winery is launching its 13th vintage, offering a great red that will age well – so if you bring a gift to a real wine lover – this is a great option. Full-bodied and aromatic, if you drink it now – let the wine “breathe” in a decanter before drinking. NIS 289.


Imported to Israel in the last years, the Silk & Spice Winery from Portugal added new wines for the holiday season, among them the dry white blend of Portuguese varietals – a lovely floral wine that pairs excellently with fish, grilled vegetables, or pasta, and is reasonably priced at NIS 59.90. 

Also imported from the same winery for the holiday dinner, try Spice Road and Silk Road, both dry red wines made from Portuguese varietals, which will go well with meat dishes and a barbecue. Chill a little before serving. NIS 59.90, available in Tiv Ta’am and wine stores.