red wine

red wine

Wine Talk: Eat, drink and be merry

Perhaps the sagest advice of how to enjoy yourself on Yom Ha’atzma’ut was found on a 6th century BCE wine chalice discovered in Cyprus. 'Be Happy, Drink Well.'

Take a virtual wine tour of Israel at the Seder

It may not yet be able to physically travel to Israel, but you can take a virtual tour through Israel’s wineries. I suggest a different winery for each of the four cups.


Wine Talk: Celebrating Syrah

Hanukkah is just about the only Jewish festival without an obvious wine connection.

The special fruit for Yarden Katzrin grows in the Golan Heights vineyards.

Wine talk: Israel’s first cult wine

It used to be the height of showing off for a private collector to throw open his cellar and show how many Yarden Katzrin bottles he had.

Wine Talk: Wine is memories

A great wine for me is not a dry tasting note but an emotional experience and a wonderful memory.

WINELAND, A beautiful new book of wine photographs.

Wine Talk: Rosh Hashanah wines

A selection of the finest wines for your holiday

Menahem Israelievitch, winemaker of Royal Wine Europe

Kosher wine king

Israelievitch clearly loves his work, and it is heartwarming to see the respect he receives from winemakers and winery owners alike.

Red wine [Illustrative]

Another reason to love red wine - it could help treat metabolic diseases

Compounds found in green tea and wine may block formation of toxic metabolites, study finds.

Wine Talk: The highlands of Israel

Israel's first authentic whisky excites whisky lovers.

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